Developing Trust in IT

Based in the heart of Essex, Promega Systems Ltd are your ideal answer for your IT headaches, thanks to our unmatched services for Computer Network Support and IT Services we provide our customers with the peace of mind needed in todays IT environment.
Promega Systems specialise in supporting the IT demands of the modern business, and by enabling our clients to work more efficiently with their network systems, this in turn leads to an increase in productivity.

Our comprehensive IT Services can easily accommodate Small to Medium Sized Businesses to Enterprise Businesses and  can also help you if you’re just starting out. We offer solutions that …deal with your day to day headaches and pride ourselves on our outstanding customer relations. An IT support agreement with Promega Systems is like having your own fully manned IT department, but at a fraction of the cost, and with a far greater depth of knowledge. Being an IT Support Essex based company in the south of England enables us to also have a wide reach in London.

Network Support

Promega Systems offer a full range of products and solutions to suit any business need. As well as this, we are also able to provide comprehensive network support packages, which are custom built to meet your system requirements.



Datto Backup

Ensuring you have a reliable backup routine and a comprehensive business continuity systems is more important today than ever before. Promega are proud to partner with Datto, offering you world class solutions for a peace of mind like no other. Find out more today how Datto can protect your business.




Promega Systems offer professional consultancy and project management services for small to medium sized businesses looking for fair and impartial help and advice on all aspects of their network.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are one of the biggest hyped technologies of the future,
and are helping to shape todays IT workforce and systems infrastructure.


One of our strengths are the simple yet effective security measures we are able to offer and advise all our clients, these can range from
hardware appliances to cloud based security products.

Domain Management

As part of our domain management and server hosting, Promega Systems utilize some the UK’s best hosting providers in dedicated and shared platforms. Whatever your needs, we offer powerful HP server based hosting with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

Microsoft Member