Promega Systems offer professional consultancy and project management services for small to medium sized businesses looking for fair and impartial help and advice on all aspects of their network.

Whatever You Need
For advice on installing a new network infrastructure at your business or for upgrading your existing LAN, we are able to meet with you and talk through all the possibilities that present themselves.

However, if you require different advice and help, such as computer specifications, security implementation and firewall systems, then we are able to assist you wherever necessary.

Peace of Mind
Rather than having to speak to a sales representative who will ultimately get his information from a third party, we offer you the opportunity of speaking directly to professional engineers, with hands on experience. These engineers are dedicated to giving you the best advice available, so you can be guaranteed of not being misled in the wrong direction.

Why Pay More
With only a flat hourly rate consultancy charge for the time spent in assisting your company, there’s no better option than Promega Systems.