Support Benefits

See what you can receive with a ProCOVER Support Contract

  • Up to 30% loyalty discount for renewing customers
  • Remote Support direct to your PC
  • 24/7 Proactive server monitoring and alerts


  • Quarterly Site visits and regular Health Checks
  • Payments made easy every quarter
  • Out of hours service for Premium customers
  • Expertise

At Promega Systems Ltd we are constantly striving to increase the level of service given to you, the customer. This is achieved by sending our engineers on regular training, and will remain one of our top priorities for both now and the future.


  • Support Responses

Support is provided within the contracted hours of 09:00hrs to 17:30hrs, Monday to Friday. This includes a 4hr response for servers. Public Holidays are not included, however in the case of emergencies; an engineer can be contacted on a given mobile phone number.


  • Support Coverage

Support is supplied for the services listed in the customer’s ProCOVER inventory. A breakdown of what is included within these services can be found on the Promega Systems ProCOVER Services Schedule.


  • Single point of contact

Promega Systems Ltd can assist you with all of your technical requirements, even non IT related, from purchasing of any technical equipment to advice regarding telephone systems and data cabling.


  • Ease of payment

To help spread the cost, Promega Systems Ltd is happy to accept payments for maintenance & support on a quarterly basis.


  • Remote Support

Wherever possible, Promega Systems Ltd will attempt to rectify any faults via remote support services. Although included within the support contract, this is however based upon the correct configuration at the user end. Unless specifically requested, we will only use Microsoft RDP Services and WinVNC, as this comes with the assurance of being secure and up to date, whereas other third party software solutions could leave you with a sever security breach.

All remote support is undertaken subject to a confidentiality agreement.


  • Proactive Support

Whenever an engineer is on site, standard checks such as server utilization, error logs and backups will always be kept a close eye on. Any recommendations regarding the current network setup or upgrades which would benefit the customer, will always be pointed out.

On top of this, any major market changes or updates that have any direct impact on the customer’s way of working will be highlighted, usually in writing.


  • Quarterly Health Checks – (Premium Support only)

As a minimum standard, once every quarter we will arrange for an engineer to visit site for a minimum of half a day to run standard checks and updates on the servers and workstations covered within the ProCOVER inventory. This includes checks on the Antivirus system, Firewall logs, backup and restore, and windows updates.


  • Loyalty Discounts

Every year, customers can benefit by gaining a 3% loyalty discount off of the total value of their support contract. This is an accumulating discount, growing by 3% each consecutive year that customers renew with Promega Systems Ltd. The discount can reach a maximum of 30% over a ten year period.


As with all our customers our primary goal is to make sure that you, the customer are happy with the service that is being paid for. As a result of this we will periodically send out customer feedback forms which have proven to be not only beneficial in helping us enhancing our support offerings, but also encouraging by the positive responses that we regularly receive.